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Our goal is simple:

Connect. Collaborate. Empower. Engage.

What We Do:


Our members have access to services and social opportunities.


Gramatan Village leverages the expertise of its Community Partners Network for referrals and services that meet a wide variety of our members' needs.


We focus on what our members can do and helping them with what they can't do.


We strive to meet the needs and interests of our members.

We Make Aging in Community a Reality by Offering:


Members are a phone call away from our volunteer services including rides to doctor appointments, assistance with minor household chores, home technology / computer support and gardening to name just a few.


Members have access to our network of Community Partners, trusted local providers who can lend a helping hand.


Opportunities for social, cultural and educational events.


Gramatan Village members make new friends!

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How We Do It:

Gramatan Village works by employing a combination of trained experts in matters affecting seniors, one-on-one services and an outstanding group of contributors and volunteers.

Whether our members need transportation, a handyman, help with errands or a health care related service, we are here to assist you. One phone call to our office is all it takes.

We offer our members access to our network of Community Associates - all pre-screened, trusted service providers.

Members have the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled cultural and social events such as lectures, concerts, art exhibits, organized trips to museums, the theater and special outings. We also offer educational seminars and workshops to help stay well-informed and up-to-date on current issues of interest.

We invite you to join us to see old friends and meet new ones. Many of the services provided are included in the annual membership fee, and three-quarters of that is tax deductible.

Many local residents join Gramatan Village to be part of the community, to support the effort and to help insure that these important services will be available when they or a loved one may need them.

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