Member Profiles

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Selma Fishman

About a year ago Selma gave up driving as she feels that "I am a bit frail now." But that hasn't slowed her down one bit. With the help of Gramatan Village she is out and about on a regular basis. Selma enjoys yoga and dining out.

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Mary Jane Vanderburg

Mary Jane is a widow and lives by her self. She enjoys the support that Gramatan Village offers her. She finds the transportation services her membership offers to be very helpful.

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Don Deixel

Don doesn't consider himself needy, but he likes the fact that Gramatan Village is there for him - in the event he does not have some place else to turn. He likes knowing that his membership is helping him stay right where he wants to be - in Bronxville.



Mildred Wordsman

Gramatan Village gives Mildred a secure feeling - in the event she might need more help later on. She loves the fun parts of her membership, like going out to lunch. She's always impressed with the conversations.


Barbara White

A retired local teacher, Barbara has always been interested in giving back to the community. She joined GV long before she thought she'd need any help. Then she faced a knee replacement surgery, and the need for a ride to the city for a doctor's appointment. GV came through with the ride on short notice.


Maureen Abrams

Maureen spent her working life moving around and did not have the normal local connections most people have. She's found that Gramatan Village has provided great social connections for her in Bronxville, and she's been a social member for the last few years. Maureen is also on the GV Planning Committee.