Member Profiles

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Selma Fishman

About a year ago Selma gave up driving as she feels that "I am a bit frail now." But that hasn't slowed her down one bit. With the help of Gramatan Village she is out and about on a regular basis. Selma enjoys yoga and dining out.

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Mary Jane Vanderburg

Mary Jane is a widow and lives by her self. She enjoys the support that Gramatan Village offers her. She finds the transportation services her membership offers to be very helpful.

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Don Deixel

Don doesn't consider himself needy, but he likes the fact that Gramatan Village is there for him - in the event he does not have some place else to turn. He likes knowing that his membership is helping him stay right where he wants to be - in Bronxville.



Mildred Wordsman

Gramatan Village gives Mildred a secure feeling - in the event she might need more help later on. She loves the fun parts of her membership, like going out to lunch. She's always impressed with the conversations.


Barbara White

A retired local teacher, Barbara has always been interested in giving back to the community. She joined GV long before she thought she'd need any help. Then she faced a knee replacement surgery, and the need for a ride to the city for a doctor's appointment. GV came through with the ride on short notice.