For Families / Care Givers

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Gramatan Village is Here to Help

Dealing with aging parents, relatives or loved ones can be a challenge, especially for people who live far away. Questions may abound, with no certainty about where to turn for sensible and informed answers.

Consider the following:

What happens when my parents stop driving? What about home maintenance? Shopping? Trips to the doctor or weekly worship? Will my parents grow more isolated as they get older? Who's simply checking in on them? How can I help assure an engaged, social and purposeful life for them? Who is available to help evaluate heath care, housing, financial planning and physical / mental well-being issues? What happens in the event of a serious medical issue that might require palliative care?

Gramatan Village is here to help with all of these issues. First and foremost, it is smart to ask for help from trained professionals in elder-care, even if you're not sure what you are looking for.

We encourage adult children, loved ones and care givers to give us a call to explore the benefits of a Gramatan Village membership.